Web Site History  

24 Oct 2012

* Updated contest scores and stories for 2012

* Updated all time CQWW SSB records for 2011.


6 October 2011

* Updated all time CQWW SSB records back through 1980

* Updated contest stories for 2011 through All Asia SSB


7 March 2011

* Updated contest stories for 2011 through ARRL DX SSB.

* Removed AB105 Gallery from home page -- Joe has sold off all this AB105


Not Recorded

* Updated contest stories through all of 2010.


27 October 2009

* Updated contest stories for 2009 CQ WW SSB and also the CQWW SSB History page and tables.


15 March 2009

* Updated contest stories, 2007 WPX CW, 2008 CQ WW SSB, and for 2009 CQ 160M CW, CQ 160M SSB, NAQP (January) SSB, NAQP (January) CW, NAQP (February) RTTY, ARRL DX SSB


4 February 2009

* Changed the web hosting to QTH.COM


20 October 2007

* First photos from new QTH added.


12 May 2007

* Added contest stories for 2007 -- January NAQP's, ARRL DX SSB, 7th District QSO Party, Busted Spot analysis, CQ 160, ARRL DX CW,  WPX SSB.

* Added contest stories for 2006 -- ARRL 160, Sweepstakes SSB


4 November 2006

* Added Contest Stories -- 2006 CQ WW SSB and updated historical CQ WW SSB Record Files

* Updated the picture on the home page to show all the towers. It is a merge of two separate photos which is why the tower on the left appears to be leaning, it is not.


22 October 2006

* Added Contest Stories -- 2006 CQ WPX SSB and CW, 2006 August NAQP, 2006 7th District QSO Party, and 2006 California QSO Party

* Updated webcam page to make ready for CQ WW SSB.


8 February 2006

* Added Contest Stories -- 2006 January NAQP CW & SSB, 2006 January Sprint SSB.


11 November 2005

* Updated QTH and Antenna pages, photos and text, to bring current with configuration used during CQWW SSB 2005

* Added 15M QSO history chart to 15 Antenna page


5 November 2005

* Updated CQWW SSB Records document for 2005

* Added CQWW SSB 2005 story


17 September 2005

* Added page on Horizon and Takeoff Angles from the various towers.

* Updated master tower location photo and added JA towers thumbnail, description, and large photo. Updated House tower photo and description.

* Updated some text and added hyperlinks in the NK7U QTH section.

* More photos were added to the JA Echelon array photo gallery.

* Updated wiring closet photos.

* Modified the fonts on some pages to a font this is more likely to be found on most PC's.


11 September 2005

* Added the 2005 NAQP stories for January SSB & CW, and August SSB

* Updated Contest Webcam page functionality to add live score update. This page only is live during contests. Otherwise a page with saved webcam images is shown.


12 March 2005

* Added the 2005 ARRL DX SSB story


1 March 2005

* WebCam functionality added for ARRL DX SSB and live during contest.


30 December  2004

* Added JA Echelon photo gallery to Construction

* CQ WW SSB 2004 Photo Gallery added to Action Photos

* Added all time CQ WW SSB record section and charts.

* Updated and edited many pages that had not been changed since last year.


6 November 2004

* Updated K7MK and N7WR bio's

* CQ WW SSB 2004 story added.


29 August 2004

* Added a bunch of contest stories from 1996-1999 that I retrieved off of the 3830 archives.


18 July 2004

* Added IARU 2004 story

* Updated article on design of JA echelon array

* Updated photo on home page to one that now shows 80M tower, though the house tower is now hard to see.


11 July 2004

* Added article on design of JA echelon array


5 July 2004

* Added NAQP Score Comparison with W6YX


13 March 2004

* Added 2004 ARRL DX SSB Story


8 February 2004

* Updated current NK7U QSL card image


18 January 2004

* Added the 2004 NAQP (January) SSB story

* Added the 1998 NAQP (January) SSB story

* Added the 1997 NAQP (January) SSB story


13 January 2004

*Added the 1998 CQ WW SSB story and observation notes

* Update the text on the patch panel

* Updated the text in the 2003 CQ WW SSB photo gallery.


30 December 2003

* Received feedback about FrontPage Photo Galleries not working in Netscape. After researching found this is a known problem. Added a note on the website and will research solutions. Probably have to switch photo gallery code which will be a bit involved both on the creation side and the server side. From what I have seen I will have to disable FrontPage extensions on the ISP meaning the site upload process will be more complex than using the FrontPage Publish capability.

* Added KL9A to operator list.

* Added House Tower photo


29 December 2003

* Sent note to cq-contest@contesting.com about web site being on-line.


28 December 2003

* Updated photos and text in the Ham Shack section to reflect the current layout.

* Added views to East and Caribbean to the QTH Section.

* Added the 2003 CQWW SSB Photo Gallery to the Action Photos. Photos courtesy of N0AX

* Site link added on www.contesting.com

* Fixed a few typos and grammar problems here and there.


23 December 2003

* Updated 2003 CQ WPX SSB story to include final results and standings.

* Updated 2001 ARRL Sweepstakes SSB story to include final results and standings.

* Updated 2002 ARRL DX SSB story to include final results and standings.

* Updated 2003 ARRL DX SSB story to include final results and standings.

* Fixed a few typos and grammar problems here and there.


21 December 2003

* Added Ham Shack Intro and List pages and descriptions of operating desk, wiring closet and patch panel

* Added Action Photo Intro and List pages, and a few photos. Much more work do to here.

* Published to WWW.NK7U.COM for the first time! Not bad for a project I wanted to complete in the spring of 2003.


20 December 2003

* Updated photo on home page -- still not current and need one where the antennas show up better

* Updated the photo and description on the QTH and Tower Locations page to include all the 2003 construction. Added individual thumbnails of each tower. Still need a new and better shot like the before shot showing where the towers are going.

* Updated the individual antenna pages for the 2003 construction.

* Added the "Raising 80M Beam" photo gallery to Construction pages.


1 November 2003

* Updated note on 2003 ARRL SSB Score with reference to final score and WW place.

* Added Score and story for WPX SSB 2003 and CQWW SSB 2003 as well as comparison between 2002 and 2003 CQWW operations.


22 March 2003

* Added the 80M and 15M antenna pages


15 March 2003

* Added the 20M and 160M antenna pages

* Added a photo to W7ZRC bio.


14 March 2003

* Updated 40M antenna page


9 March 2003

* Added ARRL DX SSB 2003 story

* Added N7WR and AC7GL photos to their bios, updated NK7U's

* Updated the story on the NK7U QTH and Tower Locations.

* Added the Projects section covering towers and antenna projects for 2003.

* Updated the View To Japan with a better photo. Added View North and View toward VK-ZL


23 February 2003

* Added Tale of Three Multis about 1999 WPX SSB

* Added K7ZO photo and biography

* Added the View Towards Europe and Japan pages

* Added the overall Tower Layout page.

* Added the Ham Shack Construction photo gallery

* Added N7WR bio (without photo)


22 February 2003

* Added 1999 WPX SSB story -- short version


19 February 2003

* Added Topo map pages


18 February 2003

* Created intro page for NK7U QTH

* Fixed display size of old QSL cards so they fit into window without scrolling.


17 February 2003

* Created intro page for Construction.

* Added House Tower Photo Gallery


16 February 2003

* Added old QSL card pictures

* Created Web Site History (this page) along with the "New" button on the home page.

* Updated 40M 4 el KLM photo and text

* Created intro page for Scores and Operators

* Figured out to how load the index and main pages at the same time via a Javascript link. So, for instance when clicking the Home link the main photo and welcome text frames are both loaded.

* Added a bunch of old contest records and stories for 1999-2001